Why did I, Paul Sahota decide to become a life coach?

Since the age of nine I have been playing many different sports. My favourite sport to play is basketball and I excelled even though my height was not NBA professional material. I was very similar to my favourite Canadian athlete Steve Nash. I won many MVP awards and team awards because I had the drive and determination to excel.

My coaching of others to also excel began at this early age. I developed an unstoppable “can do” attitude to everything I did in my life.  By 1996 I was married with two small children and was introduced to formalized Personal Development. I began taking many courses and programs and this lead me to becoming a Certified Professional Coach. Coaching others comes naturally to me and I love to engage with people and open their minds to what’s possible. Along the way I have developed my uncanny intuitive ability to help my clients get very quickly to the heart of the matter. I love being in service to others and feel my life’s purpose is being fulfilled by being compensated for what I do for other people.

My daily goal to leave everyone and anyone I interact with,  is to leave them with a feeling of increase. That I somehow made a difference in their day in some way, even if just a smile or a wave hello. We may never know the difference we made in another life by the small ripple effect of even just a smile.

Every day in every way I am getting better, better and better!

To Your Abundant Success,