Have You Met Paul?

Paul Sahota is a committed, powerful, compassionate leader with a life devoted to inspiring others to reach their goals and live their dreams! His actions speak louder than words ever will.

Who is this guy?

Paul Sahota is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), mentor and a powerful speaker with over 18 years in coaching and personal development. Paul has coached and mentored many people to build successful businesses and create liberty in their personal lives.
Paul’s former career of 35 years was in the Automotive Industry, training and working through all aspects of the business, from shipper/receiver to being a certified parts man and moving onto becoming a top salesman and branch manager of several different locations. Paul worked at many different jobs from the age of nine. Paul was born in Barapind, India. Immigrated to Canada in 1968 when he was 8 years old with his family.
Paul is a loving devoted husband, happily married to his life partner Tanya Sahota since 1985. Paul is a proud father of two brilliant children, son Ryan and daughter Ashley, now both two amazing adults.

Does he have Coaching Experience & Credentials?

Paul has worked with Bob Proctor, in Bob’s Youth Mentoring program and promoted Bob’s, Science of Getting Rich Seminar, as well as attending as a student several times. Bob Proctor is the Author of “You Were Born Rich” and was featured in the movie, “The Secret” with Rhonda Byrne, on the Law of Attraction.
Paul began formalized personal development in 1996, and worked with the one of the oldest foundational personal development companies that links back to Napoleon Hill author of Think and Grow Rich and Andrew Carnegie. Paul is grateful to Bob Proctor for recommending those programs.
Paul created immense value from their programs, enough to drive him to be an integral part of the core team that brought those classes to Vancouver, Canada in the fall of 1997. Paul currently continues to work closely with this leading edge personal development Canadian seminar company.
Paul Sahota’s focused custom coaching program is designed to Transform You. A great Coach is almost always unrecognized by their actions as it is their client’s results the world will see. It is only by a client’s kind words of acknowledgement and recommendation that others will have the courage and bravery to ask to be coached.

Paul is a Certified Silva UltraMind ESP Systems Instructor. Teaching the original Jose Silva live training experience. currently offering the two day seminar monthly in the Vancouver, BC area. Learn how to get anything you want.
Are you ready now? What is Your Why? What Do You Want?

A few of Paul’s Personal Interests

Paul loves sports; he has been passionate about them all his life. His favourites are Basketball, Hockey, Football and Martial Arts. Growing up Paul excelled in basketball winning numerous all-stars and team awards. Paul trained in Kyokushin Karate for many years, and one of his greatest honours was meeting Mr. Oyama Kyokushin the founder of this art. While staying with the masters in Japan, Paul trained and fought at the World Championship Camp and it was there that he earned his Brown Belt.
While involved in Karate, Paul continued to learn the value of discipline, leadership, commitment to self and serving others. Paul continues to excel in many sports and anything else he sets his mind to do. Thoughts + Action = Results.
Paul also enjoys traveling the world and interacting with the local people of the countries he visits to experience life on many different levels.
Paul’s goal is to leave each person he meets daily with a feeling of increase and abundance by their interacting with him.

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