What is the difference between a Transformational Life Coach and a Counselor or Therapist?

Or are you having difficulty understanding exactly what coaching is or how it will help you?

When you understand what life coaching is you will want to have a skilled coach. Imagine you are an aspiring athlete, who really wants to enhance his/her sports abilities and skill level to accomplish amazing outcomes. While the athlete could be driven, enthusiastic as well as love his/her sport, playing perhaps at the local, national or international level, will certainly require the accountability and support of a coach or trainer.

Now apply this very same concept to your life as a whole. While you could be comfy and content with your current results, my part as a coach is to take you to a whole brand-new level where more self-confidence, improved results and better success can be yours.
To enhance your life to that of an amazing level of growth, will take being accountable, committed, consistent effort, determination, and belief in yourself to what’s possible!

People sometimes ask me, “Is coaching the same as a Therapist or Counselor?”
The answer is no.

Coaching is another means of assistance, it operates on a concept of facilitating in two unique ways.
The first being with your current reality, combined with your future-focus, generally not including any past behaviors, and second it is client-driven. A combined relationship connection between coach and client. The client has their answers, not the coach.

If you can ask a question, you have your own answer, my job as your coach is to assist you with drawing your own answers out.
Making use of the previous example of the athlete, allows you to consider where the athlete began initially. This individual does not employ a coach or trainer until he/she is physically/emotionally/mentally ready.

Physiotherapy rehab will likely be required if someone were to experiences a knee injury. The very same applies to his/her emotional and mental wellness. It goes without saying that healing therapeutic assistance of a therapist is called for if anxiety or fear is preventing the athlete from moving ahead from trauma or body abuse from the past.

Transformational Life coaching is an interactive support relationship that compliments other forms of therapy but is unique in its approach. If you really want to make adjustments and create different results for the better, you do have to be committed to yourself!

Blessed with miracles continuously,
with Gratitude

Coach Paul Sahota