The Master Key System – Week 1

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WELCOME to my coaching program of The Master Key System!

I am so happy and grateful you have made this decision for yourself.

Congratulations for taking yourself on in this six month journey to master the core essential blueprint to achieving anything you want now, and for the rest of your life!  Once mastered you will not look back and ask, “How will I achieve what I want next”? You will know what to do.

As your coach the core values I bring to you in the Master Key System six months of coaching are as follows: Respect of self, others and all creation; integrity with all of my actions; commitment to my vision and hold the space to allow you to commit to your vision; honesty with unconditional love, compassion and without judgement; responsible and accountable for what I create.

As your coach I expect anyone wanting to begin this six month journey to transformation is willing and able to do the same to the best of their abilities. This is a guided step by step 26 week program with a complete blueprint to your success.  The question is “What do you want?

Here are your Action Steps for Week One:

  • Read Introductions and all pages here prior to first call.
  • Print any pages you want to have handy to follow along on the call.
  • Be Prepared.
  • Agree to complete this full six month program, read, sign and return the commitment form.
  • Evaluate where you are currently at on the Wheel of Balance
  • Before or after the first coach call decide on your 90 Day goal(s) and your 180 Day goal(s). I do recommend you select a minimum of 1 goal for each time frame and maximum of 3 to 5 goals in total.  Example: One goal could be to complete this program in its entirety.  That for many will be the biggest challenge.  Begin something and finish.

Everything begins in thought, thoughts are things. Bring these thoughts of things you do want into your life, not the things you don’t want.

The outer world is a reflection of the inner world, the inner world creates the outer world.


Sincerely yours,

Coach Paul Sahota[/text_block]


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