Paul has played a vital role in my life. I met him in 2006 in October; he has been such an amazing life coach that has supported me through my ultimate lows as well as been a part of all my success. I consider Mr. Sahota my godfather; this man is a leader that I look up to. I look forward to having him in my days on this earth and always he will be a part of my soul. I got the privilege to spend some time with him and his amazing family. To see this man as a father, brother, and husband, is so humbling to see the level of trust and open honest relationships that he has. I would follow him anywhere because I trust him with my life!

Mr. Sahota has been there through all of my BS and always shows me the bigger picture and what’s more important. I’m so blessed to have Paul in my life; he has helped me put everything in to perspective. My family and I are blessed to have this wonderful lion-hearted man in our life. Thank you God for this blessing and to send and connect me to such an amazing leader!

Thank you Mr. Sahota for everything you do for my community and most importantly the awareness and positive change you’re are making for my kid’s, kids future!

This world would not be the same without you!

With love,
Dilnaz Kullar

Dilnaz Kullar

Calgary - Alberta

Today I finished a meditation and personal development training called Silva UltraMind ESP System with instructor Paul Sahota and my new friend Parveen. Now I have more tools that I can fully utilize on my new journey. I really appreciate all the beautiful people that I met there.

Simona Chiriac

Port Moody - BC

I’ve found the most important thing in my life is having a vision of what I want. And then having the strength to go after that vision. It goes for everything. Family, friends money and my own health. However, I’ve allowed so many thoughts and circumstances to cloud my vision lately. This amazing 2 day Silva course really helped to clear away those clouds.

Paul Sahota is an incredible human being. He genuinely wants the best for people I could feel it. Anyone that has been in his presence can feel it. He has had a huge impact on my life. Having a person like that in your corner really propels you toward your dreams.

I have felt the benefits from meditation before. But the technique that Paul taught really introduced me to a new level of relaxation. And clarity! I am very grateful for this course it has honestly made me excited about my life again.

I want to share this experience because it was quite remarkable how fast this technique worked for me. For the last few years I have been getting extremely nervous of flying. Especially on the small planes such as the one from Calgary to Vancouver. About 6 years ago I was on a plane and it had severe turbulence. It dropped over and over again. And I’ve been freaked out ever since then. But Paul got me to visualize being at home safe in my bed. So before my flight I did the meditation and saw myself at home safe in bed. And it was crazy how relaxed I was on the flight home. The plane actually shook more than it did on the way there but since in my head I was already home and safe it didn’t seem to bother me. My mind and body were relaxed and the fear wasn’t nearly as potent. This class was truly beneficial and I’m very grateful to Paul and his wife for welcoming me into their home and guiding me through this process. Thank you

Graham MacDonald

Calgary - Alberta

Paul Sahota delivers the goods. What I like best about his program is that it’s not just a bunch of theory. Paul teaches you necessary skills for life, unlike any other.

His direct style is engaging and heightens your awareness so you recognize you are accomplishing more in all areas of your life. Master these principles and be amazed by what you can achieve in your life.

I would recommend Paul’s coaching to anyone. He has made me more aware of things in my everyday life as well as in business.

Thanks Paul

Frank Shaw

Vancouver - BC

Since meeting Paul Sahota back in 2009 through a seminar, Paul has helped me through some difficult situations with my family and my business at China Rose Restaurant. Before meeting Paul, I was dealing with a lot of negativity in my workplace with my family. I confided in Paul about my problems and Paul understood everything I was going through working with family. Paul gave me honest and constructive feedback.

I implemented the advice Paul had given me and now my life has improved significantly. My sales have increased 10%, my new staff has never worked harder and more motivated then before and things between my family are a lot better. If you ever need a friend, or someone who is selfless, Paul’s your guy. He always finds the time to come see how you are. I can’t thank Paul enough for helping me through some difficult times.

Ken Wong

China Rose Restaurant, Calgary - Alberta

Before I had the opportunity of working with Paul as a guest on my show and attending one of his seminars, I had not had the honour of seeing and hearing him in action. My hubby and I traveled from Edmonton area all the way down to Calgary one wintry day in March 2014. It was quite a drive, but the reward at the end was an awesome one!

Every day we are bombarded with negative thoughts. It can be overwhelming trying to overcome this negativity. Without help, many people end up on medication from severe depression. Paul helps people to know that there is “help at the end of the tunnel!” With the wisdom and expertise of Paul Sahota, you can find that desired light to help you find your strengths and build on them, helping you to overcome and replace all those negative feelings.

When one is wallowing in a sea of self-doubt, it is impossible to have a successful relationship with anyone, or be successful at anything you try.

Paul helps you realize your true value as a human being.

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress, Edmonton - Alberta

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