Curious to know a few of things you will learn in the 2 Day UltraMind ESP System Seminar Experience?
When you direct your thoughts to create better balance, inner peace of mind will reflect in your outer environment.
Go within to bring it out…

• How to be at peace, get more things done in almost any situation

• Always know what to do next using the power of your intuition

• Learn how to heal yourself naturally, effortlessly with the power of your mind

• How to Instantly eliminate bad habits that you have always wanted to let go

• How to boost your creativity and apply it almost anything you want

• Connect with your higher purpose to manifest the life of your dreams

Learning to use the Alpha and Theta levels are key to the rapid success and lasting integration of the system steps you will learn in the course.

The two day experience is held monthly contact for next available dates, times and location.

Every day in every way, getting better, better and better.

Paul Sahota,
Silva Genius