The key to getting back into relationship with people in your life is keeping your self-respect and self-worth. The fastest way to increase your own self-respect is keep your word. It could also mean having forgiveness for yourself and others. Let go and to give as before there was any hurt or misunderstanding.

Self-worth is something that is inherent and based on what is internal. It is not based on external approval or acceptance. You increase your self-worth by keeping your word and focusing on the positive small daily actions steps that you do. Daily tiny steps taken because you said you would, will quickly lead to bigger steps, than to leaps and bounds over time. Here are some simple examples of things you can begin doing right now to increase your self-worth today, because you said you would.

– Smile at yourself in the mirror while you brush your teeth.
– Close your eyes and meditate for 30 seconds.
– Focus on your breath for 3 to 5 deep breaths in and out.
– Tell yourself how great you are for getting out of bed.

Great points to consider. I wish it were as simple as reading the checklist of ‘do’s and don’ts’ and then following them. Unfortunately, it is a more complex issue and self-worth needs to be integrated from an intellectual level to one of emotional acceptance. Sometimes not an easy task to accomplish.

The self-esteem which evolves on the inside is usually reflected on the outside. Your internal self-worth which consists of your self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect will become your external net worth. It is a matter of pride in who you are and the mentor you can be for others.
When poor self-esteem is limited to a few distinct areas of life, it usually is easier to identify and correct the limiting belief that is at the root of this negative self-perception. If there is a general sense of poor self-worth, however, a lot more intensive effort is needed to correct the belief system behind this generally negative self-image.

This distinction between your human worth and the externals is sometimes difficult to grasp, but crucial to your own sense of self-worth. When you are born, you have within you all of the attributes necessary for life. Some of these are developed, and some are not. Your externals such as how much money you have, your status among others, the kind of work you do, can either hide or display your core self. For example, making a mistake might make it difficult for you to experience yourself as a worthy and whole person. Good news, make lots of mistakes and keep moving.

There are many different terms that one can use to describe having value and worth. These can be self-esteem, self-confidence and self-belief for example. And self-worth is a phrase that I believe encompasses all of these aspects.

For improving self-esteem or building self-esteem, it’s important to observe (not criticize) the sources of your role models’ self-esteem. It’s important to also observe (not criticize) where your self-esteem has come from in the past, i.e. what makes you feel good about you and what you need to feel good about yourself. Thus you’ll understand the psychology of self-worth and the causes of low self-esteem.

Children and adults need to be loved and supported with positive encouragement. My heart does ache for those I see who carry a low self-worth. However, through people like you and I we can make a difference out there through positive thoughts. Remember to smile at every one you meet. Keep your head up high and acknowledge the beauty all around you, including yourself.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful blessed day, every day in every way getting better, better and better.