Awareness is more than just self.

You can use it to build trust, improve communication and achieve higher levels of intimacy in relationships. Self-awareness is the first big step toward wisdom. You can only understand others and the world by first understanding yourself. Self-awareness is also the cornerstone of mental health.

Self-awareness is very important if you want to move on, in your life, in a positive manner. If you notice a destructive pattern emerging, whether it’s with work or in your personal life, chances are it’s with you and not others.

Our lives today are developing rapidly and our minds may be racing to keep up with our fast paced lifestyles. Are you aware of the emotional pressures induced by subjectivity and are you equipped to deal with them? We feel our emotions. We know what we are feeling, but, does our self-awareness tell us why? If we do not self-realize the why, the emotional thinking may inhibit us from action through fear created by over judgment of our feelings. We must avoid letting in any such negative thinking. If we do not control our selves we cannot control our actions that define our destiny.

There is much to be gained from personal development. There are many people that become disgruntled or disappointed because they have not quite reached the level of awareness they want to be at. The thing is that the feeling of disappointment is the first stage of self-awareness. The fact is, it is self-awareness that forms the bedrock of personal development.

By identifying your strengths and weaknesses you can avoid needless ‘pitfalls’ by emphasizing what it is you do best! Channeling your efforts in this way will help you be more productive while avoiding frustrations. This self-awareness will allow you to make provisions for areas in your life, such as work where you may not be proficient in certain tasks and may need to be scheduling more time for those tasks, or even outsourcing the tasks you are not effective with.

To expect to achieve success you will need to make an honest and accurate assessment of your own skill sets as well as developing the right mental attitude. Being successful as a business entrepreneur, employee or individual will require focus and the ability to make the right decisions or take the right actions when needed or required. In preparation for your personal development journey attention must be given to these areas as discussed above. The role of each is critical to your eventual successes and should therefore not be overlooked or dismissed as insignificant. By increasing your self-awareness in any areas and addressing issues or deficiencies you can turn weaknesses into strengths and failures into success!

Paul Sahota