The Master Key System with Transformational Guide Paul Sahota

Perhaps you’ve read many of the books about life changing strategies, like The Secret, Think and Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich… You may have even attended several workshops and seminars to help take your personal development to a higher level, and you’re still not getting the results you want!

Are you frustrated? We have all been there… and sometimes it’s just how something is said rather than what was said or read in a book. I’m sure you have heard the phrase, When the student is ready… the teacher will appear.
• How do you implement the knowledge that you have gathered over many years of life and study?
• How do you apply that knowledge into action and results?
Our minds think in pictures. What does this word bring to mind? Apple?
Just letters on the page? Or, did you see an apple in your mind? How is it that a few letters instantly creates a vivid picture? Can you see the colour of the apple? Can you imagine how crisp, sweet and juicy the apple is? Can you almost taste it in your mouth now? Your mind is continually creating pictures.

By the end of this program you will have a proven system to shift the pictures in your mind… into reality! Everything we see around us… began as a thought in someone’s mind, and was then turned into a physical state. The chair you are sitting on, buildings, bridges, transportation systems, etc… began as a thought in someone’s mind.

Paul Sahota will guide you week by week through a progressive training program to help you discover, or re-discover your imagination and potential. Build and design your own plan and achieve the goals you have been wanting. Imagine building a powerful system in your mind that will unlock the missing puzzle pieces that have eluded you… until now. This program is designed to systematically take you from where you are now, to where you desire to be. The transformation steps in the Master Key System is a 26-week program. Be prepared to commit to consistent daily baby-steps that will lead to bigger bolder steps… and eventually giant steps to achieve your goals and dreams. Allow yourself about 15-minutes a day of consistent daily practice and application of the new weekly step you will learn. Practice makes perfect! Schedule time for the weekly one-hour guided coaching session to pave a pathway to achieve results. Every week you will receive your new lesson plan delivered by email, or you can login directly into your coaching back office to read and answer the questions prior to your weekly call. Weekly lessons can be read in about 10 to 15 minutes. Review them daily and take your daily action step. The questions can be answered in 5 to 15 minutes and need only be done once during the week. The more thought and reflection you give to your answers… the faster you will progress. All calls are recorded for your convenience for review.

Weekly coaching sessions may sometimes be recorded as a video. This will help to create a closer connection with your Transformation Guide, Paul Sahota. It will also allow for some great visual illustrations to guide you further on your journey. Consistent daily action steps will assist you to build new brain muscles and patterns to create the results you want… NOW!
Commit to the full 26-weeks. We are offering you an incentive to pay for the full program in advance. You will want to grasp the concepts and maximize your results, by creating new positive daily habits that will become a natural part of your life. Decide what you want and let us guide you through the steps to make that happen now.

Take Action NOW… for You!

We also offer the coaching program on an ongoing monthly basis. Check out our other programs by monthly subscription, or custom tailored one-on-one coaching. Whatever you want and are searching for, whether it be anything from health to wealth and everything in between… anything is possible for you to attain.

When would you want to start creating your life on purpose? NOW!
“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.” – Earl Nightingale purchasing term papers online