Do you know what could sabotage your best efforts to apply positive thinking and creative visualization? Do you know what stops you from having the abundance you are wanting? Are you frustrated by your results for growth in your life?

There are many things that stop us, like worry, avoidance, impatience, isolation, greed, procrastination, shame, cynicism, and depression. Fear is the root of patterns of limiting belief. Fear puts us into focusing on the past and the future, and yet the most powerful and positive state of mind for creation is being in the present moment. Present and grounded. Love is the most powerful state of being that nurtures lasting and unlimited abundance.

Self-awareness, dedication, and focused action will lead you to the results you desire. Unwavering faith with a clear decisive goal or plan, and consistent right action. Love can indeed move mountains of fear and when we access love directly, it can provide the miracles of healing needed for deep transformation of old beliefs. Learn to melt fear with love.

Many times these self-limiting patterns have been there since childhood. Perhaps present situations can generate them as well. It is natural that we respond initially to loss with limiting emotions and thoughts running from worry, shame, and anger to depression. If we are to renew our ability to create abundance we must address these situations with more than a weak thought of wishing.

Some examples of what stops you from abundance are:

• Poor health and diet this saps your energy and positive attitude. Love yourself.
• Feelings of lack, drags us down. Appreciate all that you have already – this will help you feel abundant. Be in gratitude.
• Boring routine is also a factor. When stressed we often get into patterns that deplete our energy, perhaps spending too much time watching TV or on computers.
• Note any ongoing conflicts with other people. Have any gone on for years, draining your energy? Forgive yourself and others. Let go now.

Learn to transform what stops you from abundance. Increase your awareness, raise your energy, identify and let go of limiting emotions, beliefs, begin visualizing and creating a new abundant reality to your desired life. Need guidance?
Just ask.
Love is all there is.

Better and Better,

Paul Sahota