What does that mean? For each of us this will be different. Family, relationships, career, job or business, our age will all factor into our life choices. Are you doing what makes you happy? Or are you living someone else’s plan for you? Figure out what you want in your own life and begin to live it.

The number one reason for regrets I hear from most people is they are living someone else’s desires or dreams. Unmet expectations take their toll on everyone. I have no attachment to you choosing to work with me. I do strongly urge you to find a coach that resonates with you.

Surround yourself with like minded people that have common or similar goals to support you in moving towards what you truly want. You can create your life by design and not by default. I found that this to be true for myself, creating my life by design has led me to have a happier and more meaningful life on my terms.

Be open to hearing different points of view and ideas on how to handle your life, new opportunities will present themselves to you. Let go of the self-sabotage or complacency. Commit to yourself and find your own self-discovery, invest in yourself.

Can you be certain that left on your own you will make new or different choices? Having the support of a great coach can make all the difference in how day to day life is handled and perceived. Taking daily baby steps will lead to a happier and more fulfilled life.  My job as your coach is to help you get there by providing accountability, support, and being neutral.

Begin today to live your life without regrets. A life by design and not by default.

Blessed with miracles continuously,

with Gratitude
Coach Paul Sahota