Custom Coaching with Paul Sahota

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I am married to my beautiful wife Tanya and we will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this year! We have two amazing adult children, son Ryan and daughter Ashley.

I am a committed, powerful, compassionate leader living my life from abundance by inspiring and helping others to reach their goals and live their dreams.

My former career of 35 years was in the Automotive Industry, training and working through all aspects of our family business and it grew to over 7 and half million in annual sales. My discipline and rigor came from 12 years of Kyokushin Karate.

I have created immense value from many programs, seminars, trainings, workshops and coaching sessions with the top people in the personal development industry. I have gathered and learned many tools and techniques that allow me to be in service to you.

I have been told I have a gift for seeing the greatness in others.

The value I bring to you is I am a Certified Professional Coach with over 18 years in coaching and personal development.
I have coached people on all four sides of the Human being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, helping them to create balance in their lives.

Do you want to find or improve a committed loving relationship with a man or woman of your dreams?
Are you ready to get paid what you are really worth or are you settling on what your boss thinks you are worth?

My focused custom coaching program is designed to Transform You. I understand the value of discipline, leadership, and commitment to myself first, so I can be in service to you.
My goal is to leave each person I meet with a feeling of increased fulfillment and abundance.

What I bring to our coaching relationship is integrity, honesty and compassion, with commitment to your vision, helping you to be responsible and accountable to what you want to create.

What do you want? Are you ready to have fun and transform your Life Now?

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Blessed with miracles continuously,
Coach Paul Sahota
Living my life from abundance by helping others reach their goals and live their dreams now.