Encourage creativity in children and adults of all ages! Imagine the fun you can have yourself! It’s not hard to get a child excited about a variety of activities, and their enthusiasm is catching. See the world as a child again – and you may even learn some new points of view to further grow your own creativity and imagination.

Creativity for all of us is an attribute to be cultivated and nurtured daily. Imagination is one of the most important life skills that anyone can benefit from and is needed by all generations. It is the creative people in life today that are successful and creativity is best to begin to be nurtured in the young years. When it is not nurtured, often what we get are cookie cutter, robotic adults who cannot think for themselves. If we want children to be creative adults than we need to start thinking about their creativity at the earliest stages even in their preschool years. Most young minds will benefit from any good art program, at home or in school.

A high degree of intelligence appears to be related and not necessarily a determining condition for high creativity. That is, while there is a positive correlation between creativity and intelligence, this correlation disappears for higher IQs as found by many researchers, although it has not gone unchallenged. A study in 1962 by Getzels and Jackson among high school students concluded that high IQ and high creativity tend to be mutually exclusive with a majority of the highest scoring students being either highly creative or highly intelligent, but not both. While this explains the threshold, the exact interaction between creativity and IQ remains unexplained.

Most people don’t actually believe they are very creative. Or you could say we unlearn to be creative as we go through life. Perhaps you were one of those children scolded or punished in class for “daydreaming”. Let me share with you an experiment done by George Land – an educator and author, who many years ago, did an experiment. George used the same creativity test he devised for NASA for adults, and gave the test to a bunch of five year old children. Of all the five year olds who did the test, an astounding 98% scored highly creative. Remarkable considering the adults scored 2% for the same test.

“What we have concluded,” wrote George Land, “is that non-creative behavior is learned.”

Imagineering is an attribute we all have, some of us may need a little coaxing to bring this back out and into action. This is where the Silva UltraMind ESP System method and or the Master Key System can help anyone to reconnect to that inner five year old and revive your creativity.

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