All problems you encounter, in every relationship in your life, stems from poor communication. If you do not possess the right tools to deal with these issues, it can make it hard to stay committed.

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Be aware that you CANNOT communicate effectively while you are staring at a screen. Surfing the internet, watching TV or a movie, playing with your phone, or any other reason you could have for being distracted.


If you both lead busy lives, make a point to schedule a time to have a quality conversation with each other. Where both sides have an opportunity communicate without interruption; remember to be respectful and let them finish.


Always be honest and stay on point, people do not appreciate when you beat around the bush.

It is the responsibility of the person communicating to ensure the other party understands. If you are having some trouble getting your point across, try likening it to a story to better articulate.

It is also effective to ask them to repeat back to you what you have just communicated. This is NOT to prove if they were listening, it is simply for you to ensure that you have explained yourself in a way that they understood.

Here are a few tips:

    • If you are not making eye contact, they’re not listening!
    • Pay attention to your body language – crossed arms / legs means you are closed to what they are saying.
    • We were born with 2 ears and 1 mouth, use them proportunatly!

    Learn better communication skills – how to listen…

    Be able to lean on each other for support…

    Find balance in all aspects of your life!

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